Causes Of Stained Teeth

Why Are My Teeth So Stained

If you a embarrassed to smile in photographs, or even smile while looking in the mirror, there is a distinct possibility that you are unhappy with your teeth and red-winethe fact that they look dull and yellow.

If you are wondering why this is the case, there is a good chance that the reason why your teeth look dull or yellow is the food or more likely the drink that you take.

Dark coloured drinks – coffee, tea and in particular Red wine are the most common cause of stained teeth.

How To Stop These Foods Stuffs Staining Your Teeth

The easiest thing to do is to stop drinking them, but of course this is easier said than done, you can drink cold drinks through a straw as this can protect the front teeth from the dark drink, if this is not possible, or with hot drinks, always try and rinse the mouth out with water as quickly as possible after. It probably wont stop staining altogether but it can certainly help.

Other Causes of Tooth Staining

160476_discolored_jpg03596120d83cbd4f9ffd2bd2b7d2679aSome medications are well known to stain teeth, most common are certain anti-biotics that include Minocyline and Tetracycline, these can leave a bluish, grey or brown stain that is usually difficult to remove by cleaning.

Age can have an effect on our teeth, as we get older, the outer enamel tends to get a bit thinner, allowing the colored under layer (called Dentin) to show through.

Genetics can and do play a part, if your parents have stained or naturally yellow teeth, its likely that you will follow suit.

Some foodstuffs can cause staining, two examples being Soy sauce and Cranberries.

A Simple Rule To Remember Is, That If A Particular Food Or Drink Will Stain Your Clothes, Its More Than Likely To Stain Your Teeth

It is possible to minimise staining by rinsing your mouth out with water immediately after eating.

It’s not uncommon for injury to the teeth and some surgical dental procedures to cause some staining (root canal being one likely culprit). It is also important to maintain a good sensible dental health regime, always see a dentist at least ven pebbles 1twice a year, and floss regularly along with brushing at least twice a day.

How To Get Rid Of Stains On Teeth

Some staining can be removed by a good professional clean, but generally, stubborn stains need help and can be removed by a course of teeth whitening, this process uses bleach based ingredients to leave you with whiter teeth.

Many Dental Surgeries provide teeth whitening services along with many beauty salons. There are even companies who set up stands in shopping malls, but these services do not come cheap, they are generally expensive and cost from $250 – $300 upwards.

Because of the high costs involved in professional treatments, many people now consider doing the whitening themselves at home.

Its easy to whiten your teeth at home, by using a good quality teeth whitening kit, it’s possible to reproduce the same results that you will get from a dental surgery and at a far lesser cost.

A good kit will use the same methods and materials that your dentist uses, but usually at a fraction of the cost of professional treatments

Recommended Home Kit

smile4youOne kit that hits the spot is the one supplied by teeth whitening specialists Smile4You

Developed by a leading dental surgeon from the USA over 16 years ago, it was actually the first kit specifically developed for home use.

Smile4You is the only kit in the world to have full FDA approval and complies with government regulations.

Using an approved whitening gel and fully customisable teeth application trays, Smile4You can whiten your teeth by up to 11 shades of white in as little as 14 days without any side effects or sensitivity that can be caused by many kits.

With results often visible after the first 30 minute application, Smile4You certainly takes some beating.

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